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How To Plan a Marketing Campaign

vSente's Campaign Manual explains how to plan a marketing campaign. Theory, fundamentals and practices are described in the manual which includes several planning worksheets and wizards. This online manual is best suited for marketing managers in small and medium-sized enterprises battling larger competitors. You can preview the manual and all the contents of vSente's Armory free for three days after which a $24.95 per month subscription kicks in. Directly below is the table of contents for vSente's Campaign Manual:


SECTION ONE - INTRODUCTION - Section one introduces basic concepts of competitive campaigning and maneuver theory.

01.01.00 This manual describes the art of campaigning.
01.02.00 Marketing myths and ironies - can competition be avoided?
01.03.00 Campaign backdrop - attack, defense, challengers, leaders.
01.04.00 Maneuver theory and marketing campaigning.
01.05.00 Why we use military metaphors for marketing campaigns.
01.06.00 Campaigning for profit - calibrating the profit trinity.
01.07.00 Campaign forces - interaction and isolation.
01.08.00 Campaigning, competitiveness and marketers.

Further Reading
(+) Patterns of Conflict
(+) The Strategy of the Fighter Pilot

SECTION TWO - CAMPAIGN THEORY - Section two develops campaign theory and applies the work of John Boyd and Dr. Joe Strange to marketing campaigning.

02.01.00 Shaping is the foundation of maneuver theory.
02.02.00 Shaping a marketing campaign.
02.03.00 Expected and unexpected campaigning tactics.
02.04.00 John Boyd and the O-O-D-A Loop.
02.05.00 Speed is just the beginning of campaign effectiveness.
02.06.00 Analysis and synthesis of competitive intelligence.
02.07.00 The need to measure relative competitive performance.
02.08.00 O-O-D-A and relative frames of reference.
02.09.00 Boyd’s definition of strategy.
02.10.00 Boyd’s Purpose of strategy.
02.11.00 Boyd’s theme for strategy.
02.12.00 Activating Boyd’s definition.
02.13.00 The O-O-D-A Loop is fueled with intelligence.
02.14.00 Introducing center of gravity (COG).
02.15.00 Dr. Joe Strange and center of gravity.

Further Reading
(+) Strategy Game of ? and ?
(+) Understanding Centers of Gravity

SECTION THREE - CAMPAIGN FUNDAMENTALS - Section three describes fundamental concepts used to plan campaigns.

Helpful Section Resources
Campaign Signals - Click to download
Campaign Strategy - Click to download
Campaign Tactics - Click to download

03.01.00 Profit trinity and center of gravity.
03.02.00 Four centers of gravity.
03.03.00 Signals indicating vulnerable CG's..
03.04.00 Center of gravity is continuously calibrated.
03.05.00 Center of gravity determines strategy.
03.06.00 A working definition of strategy.
03.07.00 Potential attack strategies for CG's.
03.08.00 Mission, objective and tactics wrap the strategy.
03.09.00 Campaign shaping forces - interaction and isolation.
03.10.00 Campaign tactics that create interaction and isolation..
03.11.00 Thinking three moves ahead - The three move set.
03.12.00 The campaign array - elements, competencies, infrastructure.

Further Reading
(+) Air Campaign Planning Handbook
(+) MCDP 6 Command and Control U.S. Marine Corps
(+) What is Information Warfare?

SECTION FOUR - CAMPAIGN PLANNING - Section four describes a step-by-step process to plan you campaign.

Helpful Section Resources
Campaign Planner - Click to download

04.01.00 What is a campaign engine?
04.02.00 Command and control wires the campaign engine together.
04.03.00 Campaigns need decentralized bottom-up command and control.
04.04.00 Components of the campaign engine.
04.05.00 Assigning roles and timing the campaign engine.
04.06.00 Using the One-Page Plan of Campaign.
04.07.00 STEP 1 - Rationalize the campaign.
04.08.00 STEP 2 - Frame the campaign.
04.09.00 STEP 3 - Form the campaign engine.
04.10.00 STEP 4 - Write the campaign bullet.

                              ------END OF MANUAL-----

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