vSente is a marketing consultancy. We help challenger enterprises wage and win battles for market shares.

Disciplines - Advertising | Marketing | Sales
Competency - Challenge | Defend
Deliverable - Profitable Market Share
Audience - CEO's | Marketing | Sales
Scale - Small | Medium-sized Enterprise
Services - Campaigns | Workshops
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If you're responsible for sales or marketing in a small or medium-sized enterprise, then I'd like to invite you to join vSente's Campaigner list. This list is composed of marketers interested in learning more about accountable and effective marketing campaigning techniques.

Weekly we send via plain text email a short description of a competitive marketing tool or technique along with a link to a resource you can download and use. These resources come from vSente's Armory and consist of wizards, manuals, white papers, planners all focused on helping marketing managers battle larger competitors.

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This community is not for all marketers. If you're looking for basic marketing techniques, like trade show tips, writing press releases, designing a flyer, optimizing landing pages, etc. this is not the list for you. On the other hand if you're interested in exploring the underlying dynamics of competitive advantage, then the topics discussed on this list will be of help.

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vSente is a San Francisco and London based marketing consultancy. We help challenger enterprises battle larger competitors. This section expresses our point of view about current practices in the advertising and marketing industry.

01. Cooperation Is Open Arms, While Competition Is A Boxers Pose.
02. The Competitive Marketplace Is Driving More And More Marketers From Marketing
03. New York University's Professor Red Burns: Competition Is Not Valued Here...
04. Simon-Kucher & Partners - On "Peaceful Competition"
05. Old Marketing, New Marketing, Real Marketing...


01. Highlighting the Struggle of Style Over Substance In Marketing Communications
02. CMO'S Rapped For Having Zero Impact On Sales...
03. Smock's Alternative List of Marketer's Must-Reads
04. CMO Council: Alignment of Marketing with Sales and Demand Generation is a Top Priority
05. Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention - Different Sides of the Same Coin?
06. Using Market Share Vectors To Gauge Chief Marketing Officer Effectiveness
07. Chief Marketing Officers And The Will To Win
08. Juxtaposition: GM Sales Fall 14% While Embracing Customers Generated Media
09. Potential Effectiveness of New Marketing Strategy and Tactics
10. Nobody Ever Did a Good Ad Writing to a Strategy?


01. How To Plan A Marketing Campaign
02. Examples of Mission, Objective, Strategy and Tactics For a Marketing Campaign
03. The Campaign "Bullet" Communicates Mission, Objective, Strategy, Tactics, Budget and Timing
04. Offering, Infrastructure, Relationships And Execution Are Examples of Centers of Gravity
05. 9 Basic Strategies Challengers Can Use To Attack Vulnerabilities In Leader's Offerings
06. Command and Control and its Role in Contemporary Marketing Organizations
07. The Campaign Backdrop - Attack, Defense, Challengers, Leaders
08. Are Business As War Metaphors Accurate? Are they Appropriate?
09. Ethical Business Intelligence vs. Illegal And Unethical Industrial Espionage
10. Market Share Battles: Innovation Is Another Weapon In the Battle For Market Share
11. Dr. Joe Strange, Center of Gravity and Marketing Campaigning


01. Applying John Boyd's Interaction and Isolation Forces To Marketing Campaigning
02. What Is Strategy? Applying Boyd's O-O-D-A Loop To Marketing Strategy
03. What Is the Purpose Of Strategy? Applying Boyd's O-O-D-A Loop to Marketing Strategy
04. What Key Ideas Underlie Strategy? Applying Boyd's O-O-D-A Loop To Marketing Strategy
05. How Do We Activate These Ideas? Applying Boyd's O-O-D-A Loop To Marketing Strategy
06. Sun Tzu's Influence On Maneuver Theory


01. The Blue Ocean Paradox - Innovation Attracts Competitors...
02. The Similarities Between Blue Ocean Strategy and Sun Tzu's Art of War...
03. Blue Ocean Strategy - Is Cirque Du Soleil Really A Blue Ocean?
04. More Debunking Of Blue Ocean Strategy - This Time In Business Week
05. The Reality and Sustainability of a Blue Ocean Strategy Initiative
06, How To Create Uncontested Market Space and Make The Competition Irrelevent