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CMO Council: Alignment of Marketing with Sales and Demand Generation is a Top Priority

The traditional sales and marketing organization is dysfunctional. Especially when executing marketing campaigns. There are three primary issues:

1) focus on rigid, hierarchical command and control,
2) emphasis on creative over strategic competencies, and
3) cultural differences between sales and marketing archetypes.

Revenueeng031507 These issues result in marketing campaigns that are unaccountable and ineffective. Marketing managers typically talk in terms of brand, awards, reach, frequency, impressions and clippings. Sales managers typically talk in terms of wins, share, revenue, margin and quotas. The language and culture of these two groups are as different as are their motivations and rewards which  destroys unit cohesion and leads to isolation.

The isolation is worsened by command and control doctrine that favors predictable, static situations driven by a centralized hierarchy. Marketing intelligence skills are critical competencies missing from traditional sales and marketing organizations. The inability to generate actionable intelligence results in disorientation and uncoordinated efforts.

Effective coordination is made possible by orientation - the process of converting intelligence into effective strategy and tactics. New doctrine driven by intelligence and designed for unpredictable, rapidly changing situations is required for truly effective marketing campaigns. vSente's revenue engine aligns sales and marketing organziations in order to optimize demand generation.

According to the just released CMO Council 07 Outlook Report:

o Alignment of marketing with sales and demand generation is a top priority. Restructuring to achieve this integration was by far the most frequently mentioned accomplishment of marketers in 2006, named by 46 percent of respondents and 76 percent of those from companies with revenues above $500 million.

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