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New York University's Professor Red Burns: Competition Is Not Valued Here...

I can excuse New York University Professor Red Burns as an eccentric, out-of-touch, ivory tower academic. But I can't excuse New York Times contributing writer Denise Caruso's uncritical look at the work of Red Burns. So what's my problem? Writer Caruso's article in the New York Times today describing Professor Burns' approach to collaboration and innovation and specifically the following quote:

Competition is not valued here, asserts Red Burns, who has run the program since 1983 (and whom I have known since the early 1990s). Competitive people have energy, they're interesting and so forth. But they're so focused on the competition they fail to see what they're doing. They just want better, bigger, stronger, longer, and they miss the periphery. And that is where you find things you don't even know are there.

I'd have to say that the good Professor's characterization of "competitive people" is borderline ignorant, and her New York Times sanctioned platform irresponsible by not at least gently challenging Burns' assertions.

If Professor Burns spent time with "competitive people", she would find some of the most innovative folks around - for innovation and collaboration are powerful COMPETITIVE weapons that enable an enterprise to win - quite often without fighting.

Yes, I'm slightly aggravated by this. I'm aggravated by the ongoing demonization of competition. I'm aggravated by the uncritical look at theories like the Blue Ocean Strategy by influential business pundits and platforms.

And as always, I'm delighted to offer the good Professor and her enablers space here to elaborate or respond. As usual I pledge to print whatever they offer...

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