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How Do We Activate These Ideas? Applying Boyd's O-O-D-A Loop To Marketing Strategy

In his paper titled "The Strategic Game of ? and ?" John Boyd posed a series of questions and answers regarding the O-O-D-A Loop and strategy. I have used Boyd s Q&A exchange in order to translate his theories directly to marketing campaigning. Each exchange consists of a question, an answer and an interpretation of the answer to marketing campaigning. This is the final installment in a series of four posts on this topic.      

Q. How Do We Play to This Theme and Activate These Ideas?

A. By an instinctive see-saw of analysis and synthesis across a variety of domains, or across competing/independent channels of information, in order to spontaneously generate new mental images or impressions that match-up with an unfolding world of uncertainty and change.

INTERPRETATION. Boyd wraps up his question and answers by telling us how to put these ideas into action. The key to Boyd s conclusion is the need for fluid, prescient competencies capable of exploiting uncertainty and change. We have mentioned previously the role attrition strategy plays in shaping traditional advertising doctrine. Once the strategy has been decided, the message developed and elements produced, traditional advertising doctrine mandates that you NOT change. Further, most sales and marketing organizations do not have the formation or the cultural frame of reference to have instinctive exchanges of analysis and synthesis which allows action. Converting a dysfunctional sales and marketing organization into a functional organization begins with understanding the importance intelligence plays within a campaign. See campaign engines for more context.

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