vSente is a marketing consultancy. We help challenger enterprises wage and win battles for market share.

Disciplines - Advertising | Marketing | Sales
Competency - Challenge | Defend
Deliverable - Profitable Market Share
Audience - CEO's | Marketing | Sales
Scale - Small | Medium-sized Enterprise
Services - Campaigns | Workshops
Location - San Francisco | London

1. CAMPAIGN ENGAGEMENTS. vSente operates just like a traditional ad agency except that we do not engage in agency of record relationships. Instead we operate on a “spot” basis tasked with a specific objective. We can provide a turnkey campaign or work with your existing agencies and staff. Our campaigns, depending upon objective and scale, generally last from 3 to 18 months. Examples of potential campaigns include:

a. Dislodging a larger competitor from a key account, territory, category or segment.

b. Increasing market penetration of an important sales territory.

c. Establishing market dominance in a targeted product category.

d. Launching a new product into a highly competitive market segment.

Click this link to learn about our campaign engagements including our process, deliverables and fees.

2. CASE STUDY. We first began applying maneuver theory to marketing campaigning in 1997 for the classic market share battle between SyQuest and Iomega. Syquest's revenues increased 5X in 60 days from $10 million a month to $50 million a month. Click here to download the case study.

3. BLOG. There are more than 500 entries on our blog related to competitive marketing. I think you'll find the category on Blue Ocean Strategy to be the most interesting. Click here to read the blog.

4. VSENTE'S ARMORY. vSente's Armory is the home for vSente's campaigning methodology. It aggregates print and web assets dedicated to effective and accountable marketing practices including worksheets, interactive planners, manuals, links, articles and 100's of other resources. Click here to preview the contents of vSente's Armory.

5. WORKSHOP INFORMATION. We offer two-day on-site workshops for enterprises engaged in serious battles for market share against larger, better provisioned competitors. Click here to learn more about our workshop deliverables, format, schedule and costs.

There are several ways to reach us.

You can call Mike Smock directly at 415.457.8449. David can be reached at +44 (0) 123 366 3199 in the UK.

Mike can also be reached on IM. His screen name is vsente55.

Location of the client is not important - we get inquiries from and can mobilize almost anywhere globally.

Our general e-mail address is
vSente is a San Francisco and London based marketing consultancy. We help challenger enterprises battle larger competitors.

Fundamentally there are two ways you can grow a business. You can fight for market share using existing products in established markets against known competitors, and/or, you can innovate new offerings and markets with the intention of temporarily disrupting, reducing or eliminating competition. There are many degrees and combinations of these two methods but fundamentally you either fight (existing products/markets) or innovate (new products/markets).

Regardless of which approach an enterprise may take, at some point the need to defend and fight for market share will be necessary. While innovation may spawn a short term advantage that eliminates competition, it will not be long before competitors copy or better your advantage. vSente focuses on waging and winning battles for market share. More specifically, we look at the opportunity from the vantage point of the smaller competitor challenging a market leader with the intent to permanently dislodge the leader.

Market share battles can be a lucrative source of cash flow (and provide the resources, and generate the competitive instincts necessary to innovate sustainable advantages). The key feature of market share battles is the absence of innovation risk. The battle takes place with existing products for existing customers with an established need, trained to write checks.

How does the smaller enterprise win a market share war against larger better provisioned competitors? By applying maneuver theory - shaping and exploiting mismatched competencies faster and smarter than competing forces. Our proprietary campaign engine uses maneuver theory to increase advertising and marketing campaign effectiveness by amplifying competitiveness, infusing intelligence and enabling agile campaigning.

vSente has created and published a significant body of work describing the application of maneuver theory to marketing and advertising. This body of work is contained in an library of campaigning resources called vSente’s ARMORY - the online resource for the competitive marketer which introduces new thinking, approaches and techniques to the process of competitive marketing.

We offer subscriptions to the Armory, two-day workshops for enterprises, agencies and consultancies, and we engage with enterprises to execute campaigns.

Are you ready to start kicking ass? If so then subscribe to vSente's Armory, book a workshop or engage a campaign.


Mike Smock
Managing Director
VSENTE - San Francisco